Welcome ceremonies

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Welcome ceremonies

Children change our life irreversibly. They turn a couple into a family, a woman into a mother, a man into a father, and relatives into grandparents, uncles and cousins, forever.

Even when they grow up and take their own way, they will always have a special place in our hearts.

Regardless of whether they are natural or adopted children, the miracle is accomplished.

Their birth (or their arrival) of a child, however, is a private and intimate moment, shared exclusively by its parents and a few other chosen ones.

Only later, when the mother and the baby are more relaxed, it’s usually time to plan the celebration for the child’s arrival with all the people, who, from that moment on, will be part of the family.

Why is a celebration a good idea?

In order to grow and live in a balanced way, human beings need a welcoming social context, and the care and love of those around them. According to the Italian law, for example, grandparents have the right and duty to take care of their grandchildren, because this is deemed necessary for their healthy growth. The main purpose of this kind of ceremony is to present the new family member to the community represented by friends and relatives, to celebrate the joy of this novelty and, at the same time, to commit to encourage and support the new-born’s growth. Following the family’s wishes, it is possible to plan a series of particularly significant gestures and moments.

Welcome ceremonies for adopted children

The birth of a child in a family follows nine months of waiting and preparation, dreams and expectations preceding the longed-for date. Usually, the choice to adopt a child is made after having tried for years to have a baby in a natural way. Afterwards, when the couple feels ready for it, a long and tricky bureaucratic process begins. Aspiring parents must demonstrate and certify to be eligible for adoption, and submit all the required documents to the relevant court. They must be the right age, have a suitable job and home, and a psychologist will evaluate every aspect of their life and of the life of their families. Prospective adoptive parents have to consider the possibility of a legal risk placement, which means that a child who was entrusted to them in the first place with a provisional placement, may have to return to his or her birth family. They must also take into account the possible psychological traumas caused by abandonment and, especially in case of foreign adoption, the health risks and difficulties in integrating in a new environment. Adoptive parents should also consider the possibility that, in the future, their children may wish to look for their origins and to get in touch with their birth families, with all that this may imply.

In order to be able to carry this enormous weight and to make it bearable, in addition to the help of various professional figures, it is even more necessary for the couple of aspiring parents to be supported by all their loved ones. This is the meaning of a welcome celebration for adopted children, whatever their age. It is meant to be a moment to celebrate, to welcome the newcomer, and to share the joy of this moment, whose memories will last forever in the minds and the hearts of all the guests.

The choice of texts and gestures

There are many possibilities to make this moment rich in meaning and to leave a tangible and auspicious sign in the child’s life. Together, we will choose whatever best represents you, your child, and your family. You can read poems, prayers, blessings, or texts specially written for this occasion. It will be possible to explain the meaning of the chosen name, to remember family traditions, to offer gifts, and to make symbolic gestures. Involving your guests is a very important aspect. Since there are no mandatory procedures to follow, each family can freely choose what suits them best, and what they like most. The place chosen may be your family house, as well as a friends’ house, a park, a restaurant, or any location that may accommodate all the expected guests. We are at your disposal, with the goal to make this day one of the most beautiful days of your life, and to let all the magic experienced in these moments last forever in your minds and hearts.

Everything and always, for Love … with Love

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