Frequently Asked Questions

What does laic ceremony mean?

Laic means independent from religious institutions. Ceremonies of this kind are free from religious constraints, and are only inspired by the spiritual and ethical values ​​of those who choose them.

Why to choose a laic ceremony?

Because nobody should renounce the joy to dignify such a beautiful moment in their life, celebrating it with all their loved ones, and creating long lasting memories of this special day.

Where can a laic ceremony be celebrated?

Wherever the spouses want. It can be celebrated where the reception is held, but also in a different location, provided that there is enough space to accommodate all the guests. You can celebrate at home in your own garden, in a forest, in a castle, on a beach, or on the lake shores. You can sit on hay bales in a farmhouse, or on baroque chairs in an antique villa. What is crucial is that the spouses feel happy in the place they chose…and to have a plan B in case of rain.

Who should we invite?

Words and gestures become a ceremony only in front of witnesses, it doesn’t matter if there are only two or hundreds of them. Your ceremony can be a very intimate moment shared only with a few relatives and friends, or a sumptuous event with a lot of guests. In any case, it is very important to be surrounded by the people we love most.

How to choose the right celebrant?

Your celebrant should make you feel at ease, be trustworthy, and transmit serenity to you.
The celebrant should be able to understand your needs and desires, and to convey them into a ceremony, in which every word, gesture, and note speaks about you.

How much does this type of ceremonies cost?

Ceremonies can greatly differ from each other, as well as the couple’s needs. The cost of a basic ceremony is from € 250. Upon confirmation of the date, a deposit is required.

What can be celebrated?

It is possible to celebrate every significant moment of your life. The most frequent celebrations are: Welcome ceremonies for new born or adopted children, Wedding ceremonies and Farewell ceremonies. In addition to these ones, it is possible to celebrate wedding anniversaries, as well as the inauguration of a new home, the start of a new business, or the founding of an association. Ceremonies can also be organized with the goal to celebrate a step in the lives of our own children. For example, when they reach a specific evolutionary stage in their personal growth, or to celebrate their real or metaphorical departure from home.

Does this kind of ceremonies have legal validity?

Since these ceremonies are free from both legal and religious constraints, they must be combined with civil ceremonies in order to be legally valid. In Italy, it is possible to choose a civil wedding, and, since 2016, civil unions have also become valid for same-sex couples. Compatibly with the laws of the various states, and by submitting all the necessary documents, it is also possible for couples of foreigners, or for couples in which one of the two partner is a foreigner, to proceed with the legal part of the marriage in Italy. Many private locations have acquired the status of city hall, it is therefore possible to get married even outside the real city halls. If the municipality allows it, the celebrant can celebrate both the laic and the legal civil part by proxy for the mayor.

Is it possible to celebrate in more than one language?

When the spouses have different origins or the guests speak different languages, ​​it would be advisable to make sure that everyone understands at least the milestones of the ceremony. The ceremony can be translated as a whole or only partially by a translator. It is also possible to create booklets in the language (or the languages) ​​of the guests.

Is it possible to celebrate a marriage for more than one couple?

Yes, it is. If couples of friends or relatives decide to celebrate their wedding together, by attentively planning the texts and the ceremony’s dynamics, it is possible to intertwine their stories and their vows in one big common celebration.

We are shy, can we avoid talking?

Our voice is an important instrument. Its tone, its speed, and the pauses between words create emotions for the speaker and for the listeners. If you give voice to your feelings, the result will be more engaging and exciting, but we will not force you to do something you do not want to do.

Do we have to write the wedding vows on our own, or are there any sample texts we can use?

Wedding vows are the central part of the whole ceremony and of the whole wedding. We can provide you with very suitable sample texts, but none of them will ever have the same value and the same beauty as the words you could write yourself for your bride or your groom.

We have children, can we involve them in the ceremony?

If a couple has children, there will be special wedding vows dedicated to them as well. Involving your children in the celebration will be therefore a natural step.

We have children from our previous marriages and we don’t know how they will live this moment. What can we do?

Having children from previous marriages is becoming more and more frequent. Depending on their age and with delicacy and respect for their feelings, we can make them feel involved in the ceremony and let them play important roles in it. All this, always allowing them the freedom to escape if they don’t feel confident, even at the last moment.

I no longer have a father who can walk me down the aisle. What can I do?

According to the tradition, it should be the closest adult male to walk the bride down the aisle, like a brother, an uncle, or a cousin. But, since there are no fixed rules, I would suggest that you choose the person who is closest to your heart, like for example a friend, a loved one, a son, a daughter, or your mother.
If you wish, you might as well walk down the aisle together as a couple.

Our dog is a full member of our family, can it take part in the ceremony?

Our four-legged friends have often taken part in our ceremonies. No matter if they walk with the bride down the aisle, carry the wedding rings, or simply attend the ceremony, their presence is always appreciated. We suggest that you choose someone who knows how to deal with them, in order to take care of them if they get bored, start barking, or have any particular needs.

How to choose the right music?

Every couple is unique, so is every ceremony, and therefore the chosen music will be different for every celebration. Live music creates a peculiar atmosphere, string instruments always have a fascinating effect, and listening to a beautiful voice can be enthralling. If you need any suggestions, we are ready to guide you in this choice.

How long does this kind of ceremonies usually last?

Since these ceremonies are personalised, there is not a precise time standard. In general, they can last between 20 minutes and an hour.

Can we ask our friends or relatives to read a text or to sing a song?

Of course, we always strongly encourage you to get your guests involved. The more active is the participation, the more long lasting are the memories.

In which area do you usually hold the ceremonies?

We work primarily in the provinces of Milan, Varese, Como, Novara, and in Switzerland. Upon agreement, though, we are ready to work in other areas. Distances and prices to reach the chosen location will of course be taken into account in the final price. As an alternative, we might plan a ceremony together, and make it perform by someone dear to you.

Is it possible to receive a blessing by a priest, or by a minister of another religion?

Many couples have already asked this question. If it is important to you, it will be a pleasure to integrate religious blessings of any kind in the ceremony.

We love the Celtic culture, and we would like to include Celtic rituals in our ceremony, like the jumping of the broom, the presentation of the sword, the unity candles ceremony and so on. Is that possible? Can the ceremony be officiated by a druid?

There are so many significant traditions and symbolic gestures related to different cultures and religions from all over the world. It is always a pleasure for us to discover new ones, reinterpreting and integrating them in our ceremonies. Unfortunately, there are no druids in our staff, so if you wish one of them to officiate the ceremony, you should contact him yourself.

How long does it take to arrange a ceremony?

In the past, we have planned and arranged ceremonies even in a few days, but of course, starting to plan some months in advance allows to prepare everything in due time and to plan every detail, without stressing on the big day.

We will get married abroad, is it possible to make a second celebration for friends and relatives, who couldn’t attend the first one?

Yes of course, in fact it is something very usual.

We are atheists, is it possible to avoid references to religious and spiritual aspects?

You will decide every detail of the ceremony yourselves, you just need to let us know what you need, and we will be at your complete disposal.

We would like to have a religious marriage, but we can’t. How can we integrate the religious and laic aspects in this ceremony?

It is possible to read sacred texts in full respect of the Church. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. If the priest of your community was available, he could do the blessing of the rings.

We are worried about our relatives. They want us to have a religious marriage, but we don’t go to Church anymore.

A religious marriage is a sacrament, if you don’t go to Church regularly, avoiding a religious marriage is a sign of respect and coherence. You could try to explain your choice and the reasons behind it to your family.

The day before the laic ceremony, we will get married with a civil ceremony at the registrar office of the city hall. Does it mean that the laic ceremony is a fake one?

When putting your signatures on the register, you accept to obey the rules provided for by the law. In that moment, you don’t exchange nor your wedding vows, nor the wedding rings. On the other hand, the central and most important part of a laic ceremony is the exchange of the wedding rings, the symbol of your commitment to each other, and there’s nothing fake in it.

Is it possible to make our guests believe that we will legally get married, even if we will not do so?

If you wish, we can read the articles from the Civil Code that you would be read in an official civil ceremony, but this does not mean that it will have a legal effect afterwards.

I’m afraid that I will get too emotional, cry and won’t be able to read.

On the big day, it would be strange not to feel any emotion, or not to be nervous at all. What’s important is that yours will be tears of joy. Nobody will be shocked if you show your emotions, on the contrary, your guests will share theirs with you.

We are not legally divorced yet, and we don’t know how long it will take, but we would like to celebrate our union. Is that possible?

Since a laic ceremony does not imply any legal constraint, you are free to choose when and how to exchange your wedding vows.

Is it possible to exchange our wedding vows without getting legally married at the city hall?

These two parts are not necessary related. A laic ceremony is a promise of love, while a civil ceremony is based on the choice to obey the rules provided for by the law.

We have little time, and we are very busy. How can we optimise the time for planning?

Fortunately, we have phones, e-mails, and Skype at our disposal, it will be therefore possible to plan everything optimising your time.

We live abroad, and we will get married in Italy. How can we organise everything?

Usually, with couples who live abroad we work primarily via e-mail, Skype, and on the phone. If they want, we can meet when they come to Italy for holidays, or to visit the locations.

A dear friend of ours will not be able to attend, but he/she would like to give his/her contribution. How can we involve him/her?

If somebody writes something for you, you can project a video, listen to a registration, or ask somebody to read the text in place of them. We have already received requests of this kind, and we have always accommodated them. If you want your friends’ contribution to surprise you, you can give them our e-mail address, and we will think about everything.



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