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Children change our life irreversibly. They turn a couple into a family, a woman into a mother, a man into a father, and relatives into grandparents, uncles and cousins, forever. Even when they grow up and take their own way, they will always have a special place in our hearts. Regardless of whether they are natural or adopted children, the miracle is accomplished. Their birth (or their arrival) of a child, however, is a private and intimate moment, shared exclusively by its parents and a few other chosen ones. Only later, when the mother and the baby are more relaxed, it’s usually time to plan the celebration for the child’s arrival with all the people, who, from that moment on, will be part of the family.

Wedding rites

When we choose to transform love into a shared project, to make mutual commitments, and to faithfully stick to common choices, we are talking about unions founded on the principles of a marriage. Each couple has a different story. Everyone, regardless of their religion or the laws in their own country, can choose to celebrate a laic or symbolic ceremony, because it does not imply any legal constraint. A laic ceremony is also a good choice for same-sex couples and for people who are not legally divorced yet. It is possible to plan a ceremony, in which every word and gesture reflects the real essence of the couple, and to follow a common preparation path prior to the celebration, which leads the spouses to enjoy the ceremony with more awareness.

Ceremonies for other occasions

In our lives, there are moments that are particularly relevant for us, and that we wish to celebrate to let them live forever in our minds and in our hearts. It can be the purchase of a new house, the beginning of a cohabitation, the decision to move to another country, or a radical change in life.

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