Destination Weddings

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Italians getting married away from home

A marriage celebrated more than 160 km away from home is called destination wedding. This kind of celebration can be chosen for several reasons, in order to come back to one’s home region, to celebrate in a place dear to the couple, or to make the guests live an unique experience to remember. Sometimes, the destination is a surprise and the number of guests is often limited. The ceremony must be organised and planned a long time before the actual wedding date. In case of logistical problems, the text of the ceremony may also be read by someone different than an official celebrant, like a friend or a loved one, to whom we will send all the necessary material and instructions to manage the event at the best.


Italians marrying foreigners

Many Italians have already turned to us to marry foreign partners. We like to get informed, study and discuss with the spouses, in order to understand which traditions are important, and how to present them to bring the ceremony closer to their culture, and to evoke all its charm. For those who get married away from home, it is a joy and an honour to shed light on their origins. To facilitate the guests who speak different languages, it is possible to translate the ceremony entirely, only its most important parts, or to provide booklets to allow everyone to read in their own language. This last solution is the most practical one, especially if there are more than two languages involved.


Foreigners getting married in Italy

For foreigners from all over the world, Italy is the symbol of romance, and getting married in Italy is a dream for many. This kind of weddings are the so called wed-moons (wedding + honeymoon). The lakes and the sea are of course among the couples’ favourite destinations to make the dream of an unforgettable day come true, but so are the cities of art, or fascinating places such as vineyards, or olive tree groves. For the convenience of future spouses, we are available to plan the ceremony also via email, Skype and telephone. If you already have an idea of what you want, we will follow your requests, otherwise we will make various proposals. Of course, we will coordinate wedding planners, locations, photographers, florists, and musicians for an impeccable result.



As much as big weddings with hundreds guest might be fascinating and spectacular, more and more couples in Italy dream about a sweet and intimate wedding with just a few chosen guests…or even a romantic getaway for two, the so called elopement. This kind of wedding doesn’t necessary originate from a sudden impetus, on the contrary, it is often planned in details. If you choose this solution, we will put the same effort in it and we will carefully plan everything in order to make your wishes come true.


Foreigners getting married abroad

Due to our proximity to Switzerland, Germany and Spain, on several occasions our services have also been requested abroad. Whether the request comes from foreigners, especially Swiss citizens, or from Italians living and working abroad, we always try to meet the needs and wishes of the spouses. If the distance does not allow us to make the round trip in one day, in addition to the trip’s expenses, we will also have to arrange the accommodation on site. We can celebrate the ceremony in Italian, English, German and French. If necessary, we can also perform it in multiple language.

Everything and always, for Love … with Love